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Skills and qualifications alone are not enough to ensure success in today's competitive business world. You must also develop your network and partner with a mentor to understand how and where to best apply your abilities.

Now, the Carolina Chapter of the STC offers you the chance to learn from an experienced professional. Through the chapter’s mentorship program, you can find a coach to help you to learn or hone key skills and to better understand your way in the technical communications business.

For additional information, be sure to read the mentoring articles from the Carolina Communiqué.

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About Mentoring

What can you do as a mentor or mentee?

Anything you like, from structured activities to the occasional casual chat. But here are some ideas for things you could do to get the mentor-mentee relationship rolling:
  • Share current projects. Show each other what you’re working on, and critique and discuss your approaches to the projects.
  • Talk about professional development and training. What options are available through STC for professional development? Would going back to school be a good idea?
  • Contribute co-authored content to the Technical Communication Body of Knowledge (TC-BOK). The TC-BOK is an online repository of knowledge in the profession. But since the profession is always changing, so is the BOK. Together, you can choose an unfinished area of the TC-BOK and develop some content for it, a good opportunity to work together – and learn something in the process.
  • Attend an STC webinar together. This could be a good opportunity for both of you to learn something new!
  • Look at the job market together – it’s a great way to learn about the current state of the profession.
  • Start a mentor-mentee book club. Read a book on technical communication and meet to tell each other what you thought.
  • Attend a STC chapter meeting together and meet some new technical communicators!
  • Get more involved in STC. Join a SIG together and ask if they have any work that needs to be done. (They will say yes!)
Your time and commitment will vary according to the objectives set by both the mentor and mentee.

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About the STC Carolina Chapter

The Carolina Chapter serves members in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area of North Carolina, the Foothills region of South Carolina, and everywhere else (through its innovative webcastings). The chapter was awarded an STC 2013 Achievement Award of Excellence and Pacesetter Award. The chapter's innovative, wiki-based newsletter Carolina Communique continually garners awards and accolades.

Learn more at http://stc-carolina.org and @stc_carolina.

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